A significant contribution in the growth of the country -We do our bit.

Targeting 26 villages and 33 schools,  health camps and sessions are helping people to make informed health choices. We have been advocating various issues that have brought change in the behaviour of people towards their health. In association with Chambal Fertilisers, SHARP NGO has been running a Comprehensive Health Care Program in Kota District of Rajasthan for the past three years.

The programme in its initial stages engaged stakeholders to participate and gathering of people for maximizing the impact. This process included involvement of Health workers, conducting training workshops for them, discussing their basic requirements and the ways that could improve their health conditions.

SHARP conducted capacity building program for school teachers. Since sustainability and success of any educational program depends solely on the levels of training and passion of teachers, so in this phase, appointed teacher coordinators from the schools were sensitized on the importance of the program and trained on the methodology of the execution.

Read more about our comprehensive Health Care Programme in association with Chambal Fertilizers  http://bit.ly/2GLgcjT



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